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Wadjuk Dreaming enchants kids at WA Day

8th June 2021

The WA Day Festival at Burswood Park on June 6th and 7th was a celebration of the amazing state of Western Australia.

As part of the festival, we created Wadjuk Dreaming, a four part video series of Nyoongar dreamtime stories. We collaborated with the incredible Lux Events and the amazing Rose Walley to bring the four stories to life.

The stories were written by Rose’s mother Aunty Theresa Walley, A Nyoongar Elder, with animals designs by Nyoongar artist Biara Martin. The stories are narrated by Danny Ford.

Fireteller worked in-house and with a team of animators to turn Martin’s designs into fully traditionally animated characters. The Great Race tells of the race between Waich (emu) and Yongu (kangaroo). Red Robin and Blue Wren explains how the two birds got their bright colours. Boodalang and Miliyang tells of the feud between pelican and heron over a bounty of fish. Coolbardie the Magpie tells of two magpies who must protect their eggs from karda the sneaky goanna.

The event was consistently packed throughout the two-day event. Kids received a work sheet to learn the Nyoongar names of the animals featured in the stories.