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Fireteller installs cameras on Jon Sanders yacht

1st November 2019

Fireteller installed several cameras including a diary camera on Jon Sander’s yacht in preparation for his solo adventure around the world.

The 80-year-old will circumnavigate the globe alone for the 11th time on his yacht the Perie Banou II. Sponsored by several companies including The Minderoo Foundation, the purpose of the journey is to collect samples of water to detect the concentration of micro plastics. His first stop is the island of Mauritius.

Sanders is a sailing legend and holds several Guinness Book of Records titles for accomplishments at sea.

Fireteller filmed several scenes with Jon in the lead up to his departure. The cameras installed on the boat will be operated by Jon to film key events along the way. Three monitors and cables were generously donated by Atomos to assist the production.

Jon will return in 10-12 months with what is sure to be some incredible footage from many different places around the world.

You can follow Jon’s adventures at