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Fireteller creates wig documentary with Sustainable Salons

7th August 2019

Over the past four years, Sustainable Salons has collected enough ponytails to make 2,185 wigs and change as many lives.

With the help of Sustainable Salons and in partnership with the Australian Alopecia Foundation Inc. and Mr Walker’s Wiggery, Fireteller created A Wig For Matilda. The documentary follows Matilda, an 11-year-old girl, who suffers from alopecia which makes her hair fall out. 

The Alopecia Foundation connected Matilda to Sustainable Salons and Rachel Walker, a local Perth hairdresser and wig maker, to help boost Matilda’s confidence with the donation of one of Rachel’s handmade wigs. Rachel spends countless hours sewing 50,000 individual human hairs to each wig she makes.

The documentary follows Rachel and Matilda throughout the wig’s creation. We also hear from Paul Frasca from Sustainable Salons who provides some very interesting information about hair.

The film is a great example of branded content. Telling a story that needs to be told but also promoting a business. You can watch A Wig For Matilda on our Our Work page, under Branded Content.